Electric Scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential


Electric Scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential

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The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential Electric Skateboard is the elegant , portable solution that goes everywhere, as it weighs just 12 kg and folds in 3 seconds .

It stands out for its minimalist design , with an aluminum alloy body of aeronautical specifications .

The scooter incorporates advanced speed control and energy recovery system (KERS), as well as Cruise Control control system to maintain a constant speed.

The large-capacity lithium batteries provide autonomy to drive to 20 km thanks to the intelligent battery management system (BMS). In addition, it is equipped with a dual braking system , disc brake on the rear wheel and E ABS system with regeneration on the front wheel.

The 8.5-inch non-slip and absorbent tires will effectively absorb vibrations , preventing slipping while driving. At the same time, the 250W DC brushless motor guarantees comfortable and uninterrupted driving.

Finally, the scooter connects to the Mi Home application (via Bluetooth) to control the driving speed as well as the remaining power in real time.

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